The failed TSA’s war on Americans continues


TIP: The list of airports with the new body scanners can be found online by a simple search for something like “list of airports without full body scanners 2011″.

The TSA (Transport Security Agency), never seems to stay out of the news. This is the group formed after the events on 9/11/2001 supposedly to keep Americans safe when flying. Democrat Tom Daschle famously said that “you can’t professionalize untile you federalize” when referring to screeners and baggage handling at America’s Airports.

Over the years since, they became more of a nuisance to travels as Americans were told to take off their shoes, ditch their liquids, and have their nail clippers confiscated. However, it didn’t become a serious threat to society until Obama and the very butch Janet Napolitano decided to turn it into something resembling Soviet-era Russia last year (2010).

After pushing a deal to purchase full body naked imaging scanners, the TSA started invasive “pat-downs”, that made flyers feel like they were either criminals or rape victims unless (and sometimes in addition to ) the naked image scanners.

In a recent article, one flyer (female) said that she refused the full body scanners for a variety of reasons and after being patted down (by another woman), overheard another TSA agent (a man) complain that “… he was going to DO her”.

Another woman claimed the TSA agents pulled her out of line to touch her because of her breast size. Another woman settled out of court with the TSA after her breasts were exposed in public to her humiliation.

A victim of rape was arrested for refusing to be felt up by TSA agents.

“I told them, ‘No, I’m not going to have my breasts felt,’ and she said, ‘Yes, you are,’” Hirschkind told KVUE.
After refusing to receive the enhanced pat down, she was arrested.
“The police actually pushed me to the floor, and handcuffed me,” she said. “I was crying by then. They drug me 25 yards across the floor in front of the whole security.”

A TSA agent was arrested for child rape last year, yet nothing was done to the TSA for hiring him.

Another rape victim was brutalized by the TSA recently and hasn’t been able to stop crying since the incident.

The power that the TSA agents have is apparently intoxicating. Last year, a TSA agent was arrested at LAX after being heard screaming “I AM GOD! I am in charge!”.

Apparently, in addition to hiring perverts, child rapists and megalomaniacs, the TSA is also hiring cleptomaniacs. In NYC, two TSA agents were arrested for stealing more than $40,000 from passengers.

In New Jersey, there was a TSA agent arrested for a $700 DAILY theft habit (stealing from passengers).

Another New Jersey TSA agent was arrested for stealing from a wheelchair-bound passenger.

A TSA Agent at LAX reportedly stole an engagement ring.

The TSA admits that over 200 agents have been fired for stealing in recent times.

There’s even a website to help you fend off TSA thieves.

And just recently, politicians have been feeling the pinch (literally) of the TSA. Former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura has sued the TSA and DHS over their groping of his body.

An Alaskan politician is now having to travel back to her home state by boat because she refused to be groped by TSA agents.

    On the positive side…?

So, with all of these problems with the TSA, what have they done positive for American travellers?

How many Terrorist have been caught or captured by the TSA? ZERO, None, Nada, zilch, zip. Not a single one in 10 years.

It was the Christmas Day “Underwear” bomber in December of 2009 that was the impetus to get these full body scanners into american airports. Would they have spotted non-metallic substances like he used? Nope. They don’t find anything inside body cavities either.

In fact, there were many allegations in the airport by other passengers that he got on the plane without a passport and being on the no-fly list. His own father reportedly warned American authorities about his son’s dangerous intents.

Here’s a video of two that were on the plane about the incident:

Apparently, the body scanners don’t even catch guns under bras. An undercover agent got through without problems and the TSA agents weren’t disciplined and are still “working”.

The TSA is obviously here to treat Americans like criminals and not do their stated job. However, liberal democrats and Obama continue to protect the TSA.

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