Obama’s first 100 days


Well, let’s see:

  • millions lost in the stock market roller coaster
  • American automaters on the brink of extinction
  • Government has partially nationalized the banking industry
  • Obama and democrats completely ignored the overwhelming opposition to bailouts
  • More money spent by Obama than all other previous administrations combined
  • Gas prices rising agian
  • Former veterans labeled domestic terrorists
  • The administration views largest anti-tax and anti-overspending rally as the enemy and shakes hands with Communist dictators from around the world
  • Obama blames America, saying America is arrogant and the cause of the world’s problems
  • Lies about the porkulus bill, says no wasteful spending on liberal pet projects
  • Has put our currency on the path to hyperinflation
  • Gone back on his promises during the campaign on bill signing and troop deployment
  • Unemployment hit record highs (8.5% “official”, 15.6% “unofficial”)
  • Failed to close the borders at the outset of the Swine flu. Now it’s spreading over America
  • US GDP shrank by 6.1% in his first 100 days
  • There’s more but I’m too tired. Let’s look at CNN’s paltry attempt at being critical of Obama.

    Yeah, great job Liberals.

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