Bring on the government shutdown!


To a statist, a liberal, a big-government person, a government shutdown would be like the end of the world. I say, bring it on!

In 1995, the government supposedly “shut down” during the budget battles between the GOP and Clinton. The result? Not much difference for the average American. Yes, a few government employees saw some disruptions but welfare and social security checks went out just like normal. Military got paid, all politicians got paid, nothing much changed.

Only a few things were altered. A few ancillary employees in government were given a leave of absence. They all got back pay later. Anyone who worked in the private sector, that didn’t rely on the government didn’t see any changes at all.

Back then, the GOP got the blame, even though it didn’t really affect them much in later elections. Obama and the democrats think they can repeat history. However, things are different this time. Things never are quite the same the second time around. This time, it’s 16 years later and more people than ever get their news from alternative media so they won’t be blaming the republicans like before.

The media knows that the Democrats will probably get more blame than expected so there was a recent article calming people, saying that the government really doesn’t shut down. At least, Congress won’t feel the pinch like the federal workforce.

An article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution listed a few things that will change. About the best news there is that the IRS will grind to a halt.

Unless you are a federal worker in Washington, you probably won’t see any difference. Even if you do, you’ll get paid back later.

Bring on the shutdown!

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