Ron Paul versus Paul Krugman

Paul Krugman is the champion of Keysian economics (the system that has ruined this country since the Great Depression days).  Watch the debate over economic policies in this video.  VERY GOOD STUFF!

Ron Paul is quietly winning delegates and will probably be at the convention

Four months ago, Ron Paul was projected to win the first Iowa caucus vote.  This prompted many high officials to claim that if he did, to ignore the results as they wouldn’t be valid.  First, Romney was declared a winner, as many fraudulent events seemed to occur.  A few weeks later, Santorum was declared the [...]

Federal Reserve money is actually colored the same as monopoly money

Most everyone has played the board game monopoly (at least if you are a little older than the current generation of facebook/twitter users, you probably had exposure to the game). In the past 20 years, I’ve heard US money being referred to as Monopoly money when someone started talking about the Federal Reserve, fiat money, [...]