Liberal newspaper can’t tell the difference between Obama and Malcolm X

Well, the Washington post shows a picture of Malcolm X with the caption talking about Obama. If this was a conservative newspaper, there would be no end of the howling from the left, about stereotypes that all blacks look alike, etc. The real racists are on the left, not the right. Here’s the picture in [...]

Obama is turning Americans into Europeans

In the Early 80′s, a pop band called “The Vapors” released what was probably their only big hit call “Turning Japanese”. You can see the youtube video here: LINK. A long time has passed since then, and I can’t help but wonder if the Vapors should reunite and make a “Turning European” song in honor [...]

Seriously, what will America look like when Obama leaves office?

This is a serious question: How will America look at the end of 4 years of Barack Obama and 2 years with both him and a radical leftist Congress working together? I believe that there will be a sweep in the elections later this year (unless something major occurs that would keep the Democrats in [...]

Prediction: Aprils job loss numbers will be blamed on the Icelandic Volcano and Ash cloud

It wouldn’t surprise me a bit. A few months ago, the January/February numbers for unemployment were blamed on the blizzards that hit the northeastern US. I still can’t understand how they expected anyone to believe that snowfall leads to mass firings. Well, I think we are being set up to believe that April’s job numbers [...]

You spoke too fast Obama… cracks DID open in the Earth

Just after the passage of healthcare, Obama went out to make fun of the opposition. He said that Asteroids haven’t fallen, that no one pulled the plug on Granny and that cracks had not opened in the earth. See the video here. Well, he’s wrong. A giant crack DID open in Iceland and has spewed [...]

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