The Real Danger to the US Economy – or is it?

Things are bad, way bad. But the thing that’s going to push us over the edge is when millions of ARMs (adjustable rate mortgages) reset and payments go up, stressing an already stressed homeowner. Millions are set to reset this year and next, and many can’t get a new loan due to the fact that [...]

Unemployment, Corporate bleeding and rejection of Small Government ideology

Well, let’s start with the usual bad economic news first: – nearly 3/4 of a million new jobless claims last week.  Add that to the 5 million already collecting unemployment.  Add to this those that used up their jobless benefits and still don’t have jobs.  Add to this those that are discouraged and have given [...]

Obsession, the Movie, now online

Even though hated by the political left in America, this documentary shows the truth behind the hatred radical Islam has toward the west. The video is available in two parts on Google video and for sale on their website ( Part 1: Part 2:

Falling home prices, falling profits, falling world markets and words of wisdom

Houses took an average 18.5% plunge in December (again). Macy’s is showing a nearly 60% profit drop in 4Q 2008. That’s the mid-high end market there. You’d think the lower cost stores chains would be doing better? Only slightly. Target is down 41% in 4Q 2008. AIG, already having been bailed out, is showing the [...]

Failing banks, falling stock market, rising unemployment, and other cheerful news

We are at the end of the 7th week of 2009 and 14 banks have now closed. The latest was Silver Falls Bank in Oregon. That’s 2 per week. That could be over 700 this year if this rate stays steady. Keep in mind that over 1000 failed during the Great Depression. Hmm…. The stock [...]

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